Revolut’s new crypto exchange goes live

  • Revolut has launched Revolut X, a new crypto exchange platform for pro traders.
  • The exchange will initially only be availabe to UK users.

Revolut’s new crypto trading platform Revolut X is now live, the fintech company announced on Tuesday.

Revolut X brings retail crypto trading to UK customers and offers a number of top features that could see it take a chunk of users from established cryptocurrency platforms currently available in the United Kingdom.

Revolut X goes live for UK users

With its aim at professional traders, Revolut X is designed to be the most accessible crypto exchange to users in the UK via instant on & off ramp and zero fees.

Leonid Bashlykov, Revolut’s Head of Crypto Exchange Product, said in a comment:

“We understand that competitive fees as well as easy on and off ramping are at the heart of what experienced traders want from a crypto platform.”

The new platform will offer real-time trading and analytics for more than 100 tokens. Users have access to advanced features such as market and limit orders. Available tokens include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and XRP (XRP).

With more than 40 million users worldwide, the London-based digital bank’s launch of Revolut X could be a major growth channels as crypto attracts more people.

Plans for the crypto exchange surfaced in February, with the standalone exchange set to offers users a chance to buy and sell crypto without having to go to the Revolut app.

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