Ether (ETH) could reach $27,000 at the top of the current bull cycle, predicts Ethereum community member and investor Ryan Berckmans. 

“My personal prediction is $12,000 to $27,000 per Ethereum within 18 to 30 months,” he said in a recent interview with Cointelegraph.

As one of the main catalysts for ETH’s appreciation, Berckmans points at the lack of selling pressure from miners, which disappeared after Ethereum switched from a proof-of-work to a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism in September 2022 with the Merge upgrade. 

The current bull cycle is the first for Ethereum since its transition to a proof-of-stake system. 

As pointed out by Berckmans, miners have to regularly sell large amount of coins to cover operational costs, which puts downward pressure on prices of proof-of-work coins. 

According to the expert’s estimates, at the top of last cycle Etheruem was responsible for the majority of all proof-of-work related costs despite having a lower market cap than Bitcoin.

“We should expect aggregate proof-of-work sell pressure to be over 80% reduced compared to last cycle,” Berckmans pointed out.

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