A survey conducted by the Digital Currency Group (DCG) and The Harris Poll suggested that voters’ positions on digital assets could be a key issue in the 2024 United States elections.

In an online poll conducted in April with 1,201 registered voters, more than two-thirds of those surveyed somewhat or strongly agreed that “crypto is for people like them, and more equitable than the financial system.” More than 90% of respondents in Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, Montana, Pennsylvania, or Arizona said they intended to vote in the 2024 elections, suggesting that crypto could be a critical issue for candidates in swing states.

“[D]igital assets have emerged as a significant issue in the upcoming election,” said Blockchain Association CEO Kristin Smith, referring to the poll. “Additionally, over one quarter (26%) of voters indicate that they are actively weighing political candidates’ positions on digital assets when making their decisions. These data underscore the increasing relevance of our issues in shaping the electoral landscape of 2024.”

Source: Blockchain Association

Other takeaways from the survey included voters expressing positive views on crypto who did not show “any major differences on household income and political party lean.” However, the Harris poll said 77% of Ohio voters were “more negative towards crypto.”

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The Senate race in Ohio will likely come down to Democrat Sherrod Brown, who chairs the Senate Banking Committee, and Republican Bernie Moreno. Even if voters choose Moreno over Brown in 2024, Democrats could still maintain a majority in the Senate and pick a different candidate for the committee chair.

Public Citizen reported on May 6 that three crypto-focused political action committees had raised more than $100 million to support candidates from both parties in the upcoming election. Control of the U.S. Presidency, House of Representatives, where Republicans currently have a narrow majority, and the Senate, where Democrats have a slim majority, is up for grabs in 2024.

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