5 Games You Must Try for Play to Earn Bitcoin

Bitcoin, despite its fall in the last year, still remains a welcome activity for many. And the fans of online games do not lose the desire to try to earn such coins through the gameplay.

The same way you can earn bitcoin by playing online casinos like, SlotsLV, you can today also earn by playing regular web3 games, which is called “Play-to-Earn.”

It is worth noting that winnings or earnings in bitcoins can be volatile and depend on various factors, such as fluctuations in the bitcoin exchange rate, the size of the reward in the game, or other factors related to the platform. However, games that offer opportunities to earn bitcoin can be an exciting and innovative way to make money – and worth considering.

Let’s now look at the games where you can play and earn bitcoins.

Bitcoin Pop

It’s a simple yet addictive game that lets you earn bitcoins by playing an addictive puzzle game on your smartphone. It combines the classic format of the game “Bubble Shooter” with cryptocurrencies.

The players’ goal is to control a cannon that shoots colored balls at a group of others. They have to destroy them to earn points. Of course, it becomes more challenging to beat the balls with each subsequent level. Therefore, you need to stock up on logic to solve this puzzle. Each level has a limited amount of time, which means players have to be faster if they are to earn BTC.

To play, you need to connect bitcoin chips to earn bonuses and level up. You can then withdraw coins to a bitcoin wallet when you get enough points.

Bitcoin Pop offers a fun classic “Bubble Shooter” game.

If you are a fan of the classic game “Bubble Shooter” and want to earn cryptocurrency, this option will be the best. The simple implementation and the possibility of earning have already led to many people being interested in the game. However, it is essential to remember responsibility while playing.


CryptoSkull is a gambling game where you can also earn bitcoins. This is the prototype of the classic tic-tac-toe game. But the advantage of the game is the use of cryptocurrencies.

The playing field has 9 cells. In turn, all players fill them with the corresponding symbols. This happens until one of the players wins (the rules are no different from the regular game). In this case, the winner receives a win, the amount of which depends on the size of the bet in bitcoins.

To start playing CryptoSkull, register on the site and top up your wallet.

Want to earn bitcoins with a game – try CryptoSkull. The game is an excellent option for those who love classic tic-tac-toe and want to have fun.

Fold AR

An augmented reality (AI) based game that allows users to earn bitcoins. This requires virtual paper wallets and collecting BTC. You can play on a smartphone or tablet. All you need is to use the camera to display the virtual wallets.

To collect more coins, you need to move your smartphone around the virtual wallets and tap on the screen to collect coins. For good earnings, you need to complete tasks and unlock new levels.

Fold AR is a very interesting AR game with an exciting gaming experience.

Fold AR is an augmented reality game that allows players to earn Bitcoin

Bitcoin Bounce

In this arcade game, you have to control the ball and bounce it off the obstacles. For good results, you will be rewarded with bitcoins. For good results, you will be rewarded with bitcoins. The game’s main goal is to collect as many bitcoins as possible without losing the ball. Want to earn more? Make sure the ball stays in play for as long as possible.

The game has several levels of difficulty, each requiring different skills and playing strategies. Hence, why it’s considered one of the best Play-to-Earn games out there today. 

The player has three lives, and the game ends if the ball hits the ground three times. 

Game features:

Bitcoin Blast

Bitcoin Blast is a mobile game that lets you earn bitcoins by solving puzzles. Players can collect combinations of symbols, earning bonuses that can be converted into bitcoins. In addition, the game has a rating where you can compete with other players for prizes.

The game is easy to use and requires no special skills from users. It also provides an opportunity to earn bitcoins without any investment, making it attractive for beginners in cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Blast is an easy to play “match and clear” game.

All you need to play the game is to use your mental abilities regarding the colored blocks. To get bitcoins, you need to collect several blocks.

Like other types of games, this one has different levels of difficulty. You can unlock them to get more cryptocurrency.

If you want to play and earn, always remember to play responsibly. Do not turn the gaming process into a constant earning of money. It should only be entertainment, allowing you to get additional funds.

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