Uniglo price prediction: What is GLO and will it be a good buy

Uniglo and Tamadoge are the two most hyped cryptocurrencies of 2022. Tamadoge has become extremely popular such that the developers raised $8.5 million within 24 hours from investors. In this article, we will explain what Uniglo is and whether GLO, its native token will be a good investment.

What is Uniglo?

Uniglo is an upcoming blockchain project and cryptocurrency that will be unveiled in the next few months. According to its whitepaper, Uniglo is a community-based social currency that will be backed by digitized tangible assets, cryptocurrencies, and rare NFTs. 

The goal of this cryptocurrency will be to reduce the substantial volatility that exists in the cryptocurrency industry. This is an important thing considering what we have experienced in the crypto industry where the price of most coins has crashed by over 50%. 

There will be 218,750,000 GLO tokens that will have an ultra burn mechanism. 80% of those tokens will be sold to the public while 7.3% will be added to a liquidity pool. 5% of them will go to the Uniglo Foundation while 5% and 2% will go to development and marketing. 

Uniglo price prediction

Like Tamadoge and Sweatcoin, it is impossible to do a Uniglo price prediction since the coin has not been launched. According to the developers, the first pre-sale took place between 15th July and 15th August. The second presale will run until September 15. After that, there will be a token sale between 15th September and 15th October. 

This period will also include the launch of the GLO token through an airdrop. The final major step will be wrapping the token for multi-chain capabilities. 

So, is Uniglo a good cryptocurrency to buy? While Uniglo has been extremely hyped, we believe that it is an extremely risky coin to buy. For one, we have already seen so many crypto scams in the past few months. 

Also, it is unclear who the founders of Uniglo are and whether it is actually registered. Therefore, the recommendation is that you should wait before you invest in it.

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