Qonetum launches first truly decentralized fundraising model

Qonetum Finance Foundation has launched Post Dex Offering (PDO), the first truly decentralized fundraising model in the world for existing crypto projects. 

It is a cutting-edge solution for hybrid fundraising, liquidity mining, and strategic staking, Coin Journal learned from a press release. 

Increasing token value regardless of market conditions

PDO offers a novel new way to carry out subsequent fundraising rounds that increase the token and liquidity value. It was developed based on a fully decentralized platform designed to serve existing investors and projects in bear and bull markets. 

What’s more, investors can execute investments without slippage through a feature called Secure Future.

Easy fundraising for any kind of operation

Qonetum’s PDO raises new operation funds, offers increased liquidity, and helps with safe cash-out in a way that grows total value locked and token market value. 

This is far better than having whales and projects dump tokens into a bear market or remove funds from liquidity pools.

No opportunity loss

With the PDO Secure Future layer, users don’t lose opportunity cost or take risk, but are able to secure an APY reward from an interesting project easily. The layer lets uneasy investors make an indirect investment in a project, via a smart contract layer. 

All funds sent to third-party decentralized protocols

All of the funds invested are sent to a third-party decentralized staking protocol like Compound, Curve, etc. via a smart contract layer. This gives investors yield while doing away with any potential opportunity loss for pending time. 

The Secure Future layer sets a due date equivalent to the staking period in the PDO and all funds are pushed to the pool on that date. 

Penalty-free withdrawal at any time 

Investors can withdraw the funds without a penalty any time before the due date if they’re displeased with the token’s movement or potential returns. They only lose potential APY profits. 

Any project can launch a PDO for free

The PDO is live on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and a pool can be launched on any BSC DEX. The offering will become available on Ethereum-based blockchains in the future. 

Qonetum Finance offers a free one-click license to use the technology from PDO.Finance in line with the open cooperation model, on which it’s based.

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