CryptoUnity exchange targets beginners in the crypto ecosystem

  • CryptoUnity is a cryptocurrency exchange that seeks to make it easier for beginners to navigate the crypto ecosystem.

  • The exchange doesn’t hold its users’ funds but stores them with an independent, highly regulated custodian. 

  • The comprehensive research and educational resource section empowers users to learn more about cryptocurrencies. 

CryptoUnity is targeting beginners in the ecosystem

CryptoUnity is a Slovenian start-up that is building a beginner-focused crypto exchange. The cryptocurrency exchange seeks to close the gap for beginners in the ecosystem.

The user-friendly interface and comprehensive educational resources on CryptoUnity are designed to make the world of cryptocurrency more accessible and less intimidating to beginners. 

In addition to its user-friendly nature, CryptoUnity is also focusing on the safety aspect of crypto. The crypto exchange has implemented the cold wallet with an NFC card, providing its users with a secure way of storing funds.

Its partnership with Lenovo, one of the leading tech companies in the world, also serves as a positive for the company. 

The crypto space is all about transparency, and CryptoUnity also pays attention to that. So far, CryptoUnity has passed audits by QuilAudits and CertiK. The project received a CertiK KYC Gold badge (meaning that the entire core team provided the highest amount of verifiable background information, demonstrating a very high level of transparency and accountability).

The CUT token powers the CryptoUnity ecosystem

CUT is the utility token that powers the CryptoUnity ecosystem. The token has a total supply of one million and provides holders with many different benefits and utility cases on the CryptoUnity platform. 

Besides profiting from lower fees and other loyalty programs, users can leverage CUT to access further education and secure a spot in other legitimate ICO presales. With the development of the platform, additional utility cases are expected.

Holders of the token also get to enjoy other benefits, including airdrops, holder rewards, and advantages on giveaways. 

Perhaps the best part of CryptoUnity is its platform. The CryptoUnity platform combines all of the necessary tools and resources for easy trading, safe storage, and education.

The platform has various sections, including;

  • A portfolio, where the user can keep track of his funds and base price.

  • A cold wallet with an NFC card.

  • CryptoUnity Workshops: the educational part of the platform

  • CryptoUnity Research: where reviewed potential ICOs will be published, and 

  • Physical traveling exchanges.

CryptoUnity claims it is one of the first centralised exchanges that doesn’t hold their users’ funds. The funds are securely stored with an independent, highly regulated custodian, meaning that those funds are completely separated from those of the project and can, therefore, not be manipulated or influenced by the company’s operations or potential financial challenges. 

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