Crypto acted as safe haven amid SVB and Signature bank run: Cathie Wood

Amid all the chaos around multiple bank runs in the United States, Cathie Wood, CEO of asset management firm Ark Invest, said cryptocurrencies acted as safe haven amid the ongoing banking crisis in the US. She blamed the recent downfall of the likes of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), Signature and others on the Fed’s policy failure. 

Cryptocurrency prices shot up in double digits, with Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETHtouching new multi-month highs amid the US banking crisis.

In a Tweet thread on March 16, Wood criticized the Federal Reserve’s inability to avert bank runs despite all the signs being there. She said she was “baffled that banks and regulators could not convince the Fed that disaster loomed.” She argued that the Fed policy was the primary culprit for the ongoing banking crisis since there was a venture capital funding drought.

Pointing towards the asset/liability mismatch, which, even normal in most circumstances for banks, was untenable in the current scenario as deposits left the banking system for the first time since the 1930s. Securities earnings for banks were only 1-2% against deposits paying 3-5%, which eventually became untenable as deposits started leaving the system. Like SVB, some banks were forced to sell HTM securities, recognizing losses that depleted their equity accounts.

She also reminded everyone that the ongoing crisis wasn’t forced by the cryptocurrency as the ecosystem has been under heavy scrutiny since FTX’s downfall leading to a severe regulatory crackdown. Wood said that regulators are using crypto as a scapegoat for their own lapses in oversight of traditional banking.

Wood has long been a known crypto proponent, often reflected in her company’s investment in emerging markets, especially crypto. She noted that the current banking crisis would not have been possible in the decentralized, transparent, auditable, and over-collateralized crypto asset ecosystem.

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Wood projected crypto as a solution to the central points of failure, the opacity, and the regulatory mistakes in the traditional financial system. Made the scapegoat for policy mistakes, crypto will move offshore, depriving the US of one of the most important innovations in history

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