Cointelegraph launches the Top 100 list of crypto heroes and villains, 2023 edition

After a turbulent 2022 in the crypto sector, people are hoping for brighter times in 2023. For the fourth consecutive year, Cointelegraph is unveiling its list of the Top 100 most influential in the crypto and blockchain space, weighing the impact of 2022 and the potential ahead for 2023. Over the course of the next three weeks, Cointelegraph will release the list’s entries, starting from 100.


The Top 100 comprises the 100 most impactful players in crypto and blockchain. Each entry gets its own profile featuring general information, a biography and a 2022 recap, as well as predictions for the impact they may have in 2023. 

The list contains both heroes and villains – those who had left a positive mark as well as those who negatively impacted the space. Just because someone did not move the sector forward doesn’t mean they did not affect the space as a whole. For the first time, Cointelegraph opened up the voting process to the whole crypto community, and Cointelegraph’s staff finalized the list noting what the community suggested.

The Top 100 will be revealed in sections, with those ranked 100 through 91 live right now. Ten profiles will be unveiled each weekday over the next two weeks until Feb. 17, when seven profiles will be published. The following week, the final three entries will be announced, one per day through Feb. 22. 

Cointelegraph has compiled the Top 100 list each year for the last several years. It serves as a fun way for readers to see the crypto sector’s most influential driving forces, potentially giving them topics for discussion. Each Top 100 also serves as a time capsule of sorts – a way to document each year in the industry.

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