Chinese city launches govt-backed metaverse platform

Nanjing City, the capital of Jiangsu Province in China, on May 22, inaugurated the China Blockchain Technology and Application Innovation Platform. This government-supported platform aims to foster and advance metaverse research and development across the country.

The newly established state-backed entity is led by the Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology (NUIST). As per an announcement on NUIST’s official social media account, the platform consists of founding members representing diverse academic institutions and blockchain-related companies throughout mainland China.

The objective of this platform is to bring together the resources of academic institutions and enterprises in China, strengthening research endeavors in metaverse-related fields. The metaverse refers to a virtual universe or collective virtual space that encompasses all virtual worlds, augmented reality, and virtual reality experiences. It is an interconnected digital realm where users can interact with each other and with computer-generated environments in real-time.

Nanjing, along with other Chinese cities, is competing to take a prominent position in the country’s metaverse development. In February 2023, the city revealed its metaverse strategy, aiming to create a thriving industry with annual revenues surpassing $19.13 billion (135 billion yuan) by the close of 2025.

In the southern region of Nanjing, the city of Shanghai is actively pursuing its metaverse aspirations. The metropolis envisions its metaverse industry reaching an annual revenue of $49.6 billion (350 billion yuan) by 2025. Shanghai recently presented its initial collection of 20 metaverse use cases, covering diverse areas such as virtual healthcare diagnoses and digital recreations of the city’s historic architectural landmarks.

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Although China maintains strict regulations on cryptocurrencies and NFTs, the country acknowledges the transformative power of Web3 technologies, including the metaverse, in driving its digital economy.

In a recent report from local media, Wu Zhong-ze, the former deputy minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, highlighted the importance of expanding the use of the metaverse in various sectors, including education, commerce, healthcare and entertainment. He also emphasized the necessity of establishing industry standards for the metaverse.

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