Animoca Brands and Planet Hollywood announce members-only NFT club in LA

  • The new NFT club will be called Club 3.
  • The club will be launched by Animoca Brands in collaboration with Planet Hollywood Group and Meta Hollywood.
  • Club 3 will join the league of exclusive clubs like the famous Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Hong Kong-based Digital entertainment firm Animoca Brands has announced plans for a new members-only NFT club in Los Angele in partnership with Planet Hollywood Group through a joint venture with Meta Hollywood. The move thrusts the longtime Las Vegas digital firm into Web3.

The new exclusive NFT club will be called CLUB 3 and members will hold CLUB 3 NFTs.

Exclusive NFT clubs

It is important to point out that exclusive clubs are now new to the cryptocurrency industry.

Yuga Labs, which recently launched its inaugural Bitcoin NFT auction, leads the space with the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) which was launched in April 2021 and has since become one of the most popular exclusive clubs in crypto.

CLUB 3 aims at replicating BAYC’s success in Hollywood and bridging the gap between real-world and virtual club memberships.

CLUB 3 membership

At the centre of the new CLUB 3 venture is ClubID, a new identity, Hollywood membership, and commerce platform scheduled to launch in beta in 2023. ClubID platform members will have access to amenities like community chat based on the membership type.

ClubID platform members and collectors will be required to mint a Club3 NFT to access the four tiers (Founding, Social, Global, and Corporate Memberships) of CLUB 3 membership. The one-time membership fee for a Founding membership is $7,500 and that of a social membership is $2,500.

According to the team behind the venture, CLUB 3 will also integrate web3 mechanics including community voting on promotions, perks and seasonal menus just in the case of a blockchain DAO.

Actual location of CLUB 3

Although Meta Hollywood has not revealed the details of the actual location of CLUB 3, it is confirmed that CLUB 3 will open at the iconic Sunset Boulevard later this year. The club will consist of a cocktail lounge, restaurant, karaoke rooms, bars, and meeting rooms.

After Hollywood, CLUB 3 intends to expand its reach around the globe with stations in New York, Miami, London, Hong Kong, Paris, and Tokyo.

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