A tribute to hardworking heroes: A Hard Working Man – Blue Collar Pass

In 2022, the concept of nonfungible tokens (NFTs) faced criticism from those who questioned their utility. However, the team behind the “A Hard Working Man” (AHWM) digital collectibles project is eager to change that perception. In collaboration with Cointelegraph and Animal Concerts, the team behind the hit single “A Hard Working Man” – including Grammy-award-winning production duo The Avila Brothers – is releasing an NFT collection with real utility featuring hip hop icon Snoop Dogg and country music mogul Billy Ray Cyrus. 

Explore the collection here

To add to the excitement of the NFT drop and ensure real-world utility for its owners, the AHWM team is offering giveaways for NFT holders, such as meet-and-greets with Snoop Dogg and Billy Ray Cyrus, flyaway packages to Los Angeles, exclusive metaverse concert tickets and a multitude of gift cards.

Although the NFT sale will go public soon, there is limited early access available from Jan. 25 to Feb. 10 via ownership of an A Hard Working Man – Blue Collar Pass. Obtaining one of these limited-quantity passes will give purchasers a token that serves as proof of purchase for the AHWM official mint. Blue Collar Pass holders will receive a free AHWM NFT airdropped to the wallet holding the pass, with a locked-in discount for pass holders, as the passes are priced below the mint price of the actual NFTs.

There are two separate editions for the presale passes that pair with the respective AHWM NFT editions: Blue Collar Pass – Hustler Edition and Blue Collar Pass – Overachiever Edition. 

In addition to the out-of-this-world giveaways for AHWM NFT holders, Blue Collar Pass owners will also be eligible for future AHWM and Animal Concerts NFT drops, receive exclusive access to the private Blue Collar Discord channel and keep the Blue Collar Pass in their NFT collection forever.

This project wishes to serve as a prime example of how blockchain technology can force society to challenge its concept of digital engagement and consider new ways to interact with the existing infrastructure. Join the movement and claim an A Hard Working Man – Blue Collar Pass – Hustler Edition or Overachiever Edition today.

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